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When I was studying for my CELPIP exam I got material from them. Unfortunately, I can not put the PDF to the public because it has a watermark with my personal email. But I can put you here what it says.

CELPIP's fifth error as they state:

The relative pronoun which used by itself refers to things or animals, but in which (formal) and where (less formal) can refer to places, e.g., countries, cities, buildings, and rooms (the office where [or in which] I work). We can also use where and in which with some abstract nouns like situation, activity, case, example, experience, system, and society. (This is a case where [or in which] caution is recommended.)

A common source of confusion is the difference between using a relative pronoun as the clauses' subject and using it as the clause’s object. We don’t use whereas the subject of an adjective clause:

This is the bank. The bank accepts my cheques. NOT: This is the bank where accepts my chequesIn adjective clauses, where can be used as the object: This is the bank. I deposit my cheques here. This is the bank where I deposit my cheques.

The relative pronoun which can be either the clauses' subject (the cheque which bounced) or its object (the cheque which I deposited). As a subject, that is more common than which. 

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Among many things, CELPIP exam is required to migrate to Canada if you are going to try for The English language. So I am writing about exercises you will have on it. One of the exercises CELPIP has is to write a complaint letter about a purchase you did. So here it is how I did.

The letter must have a clear structure. According to some little research on Google, the best structure is the following:

  1. Background
  2. Problem
  3. Solution
  4. Warning (optional)
  5. Closing

This letter must be polite and try to avoid questions as "why?", as this is not helpful to get your goal done.


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As I have stated before, in Canada there are only two official English tests that government will recognize; CELPIP is one of those.

This is the third time I took the CELPIP exam. The first one I failed (I missed 2 points for the minimum), the second one got expired (I got enough points, but results only have 1 year of official validity), and now third time (with enough points, and hopefully, enough time before it expires again). I will write about my experience on doing the exam.


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