HAProxy is as its name says, a proxy that aims high availability. It can be used not only to proxy the HTTP (Layer 7) but to proxy TCP (Layer 4). Among the many things HAProxy has, it is possible to access its management page to do active monitoring. I will talk about how to set up a simple Nagios monitoring.

FusionPBX offers a way to remotely reboot your registered endpoints. Of course, those endpoints must honor the SIP signal. However, the problem becomes when you have many extensions. Last week, I had the challenge to reboot more than one thousand endpoints, where eight hundred of them were registered in a single server. As you imagine, the clicking way is too much hassle. There should be another way.

Not a fan of PostgreSQL, but lately many people have come to me regardless I have published I work with MySQL/MariaDB. Because of this, I want to share with you a set of scripts to backup and restore your deployment. I am not the author of these scripts, I am just doing little modifications to clean them up and to do some more professional and advanced ones that will work not only with PostgreSQL but with MySQL and MariaDB.

These scripts are thought to work with two stand-alone servers. No clustering or load-balancing is involved.