Finally, I was able to do this XML Importer for FusionPBX. If you are a FusionPBX user, you need to know that each time you do a call, the FreeSWITCH will call a local PHP script that pushes the CDR information into the database. This piece of software will act the same way as the vanilla one that is shipped inside FusionPBX 4.1 (or better), but it adds a plugin architecture that will allow third-party integrations with the PBX. Some of the use cases I can imagine right now are:

  • Helpdesk integration: it will raise a ticket each time a call is done, later that ticket could be merged.
  • Billing integration: although I am the author of the Billing for FusionPBX (I will move the billing system to use this new importer), I know there are people who use another kind of software, so this will allow billing per call event.
  • CRM integration: usually CRM software are used to keep track of marketing activity. This will let you add call tracking.

So to be crystal, this tool will allow to import the CDR information into third-party software. This XML importer is though in a plugin architecture. You will need to code specific case plugins for it. I have put a template class in order to help the developers to code their own plugins. This template class is a abstract class, and it will help people to know what methods to code in order to success building your own plugin.

The big advantage of doing this way is you dont need to touch the main code, this will allow you to do cleaner upgrades when there is a new release of FusionPBX.

This software is released under the MPL license. At least the part that is published on Github. So, please feel free to contribute and use it.

Soon, as release one is finished, I will publish the RPM for Centos 6 and 7 and I will start deploying in the White Label Servers for my customers.


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