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Today it is the day the Inside-Out Blog was created, but four years ago. So, today, I have paid the domain renewal. I want to thank those who have been supporting this blog by their comments or by hiring me.

With this post, I want to confirm Inside-Out will remain another year. I will continue posting articles about Linux, VoIP, Security, Coding Tips, projects I start, my migration to Canada experience, any other process I do in Canada, money and business tips and any other thing I believe could be useful.

Some Changes

In order to improve my SEO, I have decided to split the articles of this blog as follows:

  • Technical articles will remind here.
  • Canada immigration-related articles will go to my new blog the Canadian Journey. Here you will find everything I did to get to Canada, my settlement, businesses done in Canada and everything that has to be about living in the Great North.
  • Business articles will be split between the Canadian Journey blog and the Trademinator It depends on the nature of the business; Canadian business will go the Canadian Journey blog, cryptocurrency business will go to Trademinator.


If you think you have been saving money with the content of this blog, then feel free to donate through the following methods

  • Paypal
  • Bitcoin (BTC) 1HV82nu8DGJZQG4t6Ubn21i1e4K3iC9wHy
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) 13Uy6WWQEBWNKrTtQeETu4we5P3b6CTA5w
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  • Zcash (ZEC) t1KmwZuBZxSrjRk15noSFtxUwcYZLDZUfHb
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