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This is far to be a project, but a way I think we can help each other.

With this pandemic, everybody tries to survive, and I have seen mainly these two behaviours:

  • some businesses that believe they are indispensable, start raising their prices. Some of them even charge a COVID fee for a reason I can't understand.
  • other businesses that understand people may stop using them, find a different way to reward people for using them. Some give free goodies, others are giving credit with a low-interest rate, and others which I believe it is my favourite are rewarding their current customers because of referrals.

The Canadian Referral Code Club Facebook Group

This is my two cents to help each other. The rationale of this code is as follows:

Every one of us is consuming products that will we pay for them anyway (cellphone, credit card, groceries). So, if some companies give rewards for telling our friends to use a specific brand, why not take advantage and make the most with the money we have.

I will be sharing some referral codes of my own. If you live in Canada, I invite you to join this group and save some money.

Good luck!

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