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Until you start trading more seriously you will realize how useful are all the graphs and metrics given from exchange sites such as Poloniex or Kraken. Now that I am coding my trading robot, one of my concerns is the ability of risk prediction. Taking a look into Market Depth graphics half-satisfy my need.

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When you start doing mining, the last thing that passes through your mind is if it is profitable. When you start with it, it is more research than anything. Soon, you will realize that it could be profitable. And why not, today (May 2nd, 2017) Ethereum price is around 82 USD (116 CAD approx)!

In 2016, I was able to build a Mining Rig using Mageia. I must confess it was working, I was able to produce about 4 ETH's monthly. But at that time, ETH price was about 15 USD, and in December I decided to turn it off. It was not profitable at all, not to mention the negative cash flows it was producing.

One of the big issues of this activity is the negative cash flow it produces. Bills must be paid on time, in other words, the power bill. It will pass some days or months before you can cash your tokens. So, because of this, I will propose a way to decide when it is convenient to turn on your rig and when it is not. I will not talk about the technical aspects, for example when you turn on or off automatically the rig based on the Ethereum price.

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As a freelancer, business man or whatsoever the term could fit one of the biggest dilemmas I have had is the pricing. You can not give your time, knowledge and effort for free, but while competing against others, I have found that many customers take the pricing as the first factor. So, here it is a way I have found to make this very attractive without hurting my working effort. I hope this will help others as well.

The first thing is that this technique only applies when you are selling products with a scale scheme. For example, giving a course and billing per participant, building a server cluster and billing per server setup, software licensing, it could even apply for support hours if you know how to deal with that, but I wouldn't recommend for that.

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