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After working for a while on my website business, I finally think it is finished. I want to invite you all to visit it and give me some feedback.

OKay, my business, offers Linux, Opensource, VoIP, Security and many other commercial services.

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While I have been browsing the network, I have found many requests of people looking for "SEO experts" for their websites. But exactly, what does is having a better SEO mean? I will try to answer this question and to explain my view.

Currently, I manage no less than 5 websites and I can proudly say that I got enough traffic on some of them with the correct keywords. However, I will recognize that this is not enough. Until I get enough traffic and enough conversion rate, I can not say I get what I want.

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This text is a translation and paraphrase of the original text "Reduce your bounce rate" published in The SEO Handbook.

The initial question is how to make visitors stay longer once they have entered the site. Explains David Deutsch.

We all want our site is at the top of the list in Google searches. But that's only half the story of what happens when people have clicked on the link on our site? Do they stay in while on the website and read about offers or leave it and go? Obviously, we want the first pass, then, what should we do to make this occur?

When visitors do not find something interesting in the first impact site, they go away. This effect is known as abandonment, rebound or bounce rate (in English). A website with a high dropout rate with good quality sources is an indicator that the site is not meeting the expectations of visitors.