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CELPIP exam (any other serious exam) will evaluate your writing. Using capital letters is one of the many aspects. When doing your writing test you will need to take care of capitalization. Well written texts have good capitalization.

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Hopefully my last visit for migration reasons. This was a very important and special trip to the border as I have already gotten my CoPR. I did this trip with all my family, as every family member is required to do the proper landing and sign the documents.

As always, I want to thanks my friend Jessica who drove us again.

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As I have already written, you must become a temporal worker before applying for permanent residence (refugees are very different, you must come from a country in war such as Siria). So, after being laid off, I found an employer willing to run the work permit for me. Please note that I will share what I did and my experience at that time. The first thing you should know is I am taking advantage of NAFTA. NAFTA allows US and Mexican citizens to come to Canada as temporary foreign worker very easily. As for November 2016, because I am Mexican, this was the easiest and fastest way to stay longer in Canada but not the right path to become a permanent residence. In January 2017, I am not wrong, the CIC change some pointing rules and NAFTA workers could get 200 extra points which it may or may not help you for the pool invitation, but that is another story. Let us back to the main subject.

This time I did not hire a migration consultant. I felt confident enough to do it by myself.


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