If you are looking forward to coming to Canada, give a look to this website:
katapulta canada

It has free information about how to go as a tourist, as an international student, as a temporal foreign worker or, as a permanent resident.

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CELPIP exam (any other serious exam) will evaluate your writing. Using capital letters is one of the many aspects. When doing your writing test you will need to take care of capitalization. Well written texts have good capitalization.

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"Oh my god! This could be a scam!" - That was my first thought when my friend told me about an application that will actually reward you for doing nothing but walking; I was very skeptical about this. However, because my friend recommended me, I took her word for it. So, I installed and start reading about it. I can tell you, it is true. Its name is Carrot Rewards. I will write here about how it works. Thanks to Jess for introducing me the application.

Carrot Rewards is a product (or service) by Carrot Insights Inc. which it is based in Toronto, Canada. This company, with the sponsoring of the Government of Canada, has found a way to motivate Canadians to have more physical activity by rewarding them.

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Again, as a non-native English speaker, you realize that some verbs have a different meaning when you add a second word. For example, the verb take, take in vs take on, they have different meanings. I will put here some examples and I will try to explain them.

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