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This week it is the first anniversary of the blog. I just renewed the domain name. I must say that having a blog has been a sweeter bite experience. Although I was able to be contacted by some wonderful people, the main aim of making a living by getting freelancing jobs has not been successful at all.

I will keep up this blog as I believe that the knowledge sharing is the best way to get contacted. But I need a little help of everyone to feel that I am being read. The best way is by commenting the blog. I have got few comments on some articles, but they are few. Almost 1 comment each 2 months.

Please give a try reading things, and contact me if you want some special subjects. Usually, I write about:

  • Technology: FreeSWITCH, FusionPBX, Crypto Currencies, Linux, High Availability, MariaDB, Apache and many other subjects.
  • Canada: Some immigration experiences, tips to get some processes done, exams clues basically.
  • Money: Some strategies, FOREX and how to save money
  • Marketing: Mainly based on SEO experience
  • Personal Projects


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Read about IT, Migration, Business, Money, Marketing and other subjects.

Some subjects: FusionPBX, FreeSWITCH, Linux, Security, Canada, Cryptocurrency, Trading.