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Today it is the day the Inside-Out Blog was created, but two years ago. So, today, I have paid the domain renewal. I want to thank to those who have been supporting this blog.

With this post, I want to confirm Inside-Out will remaind another year. I will continue posting articles about Linux, VoIP, Security, Coding Tips, projects I start, my migration to Canada experience, money and business tips and any other thing I believe it could be useful.

If you think you have been saving money with the content of this blog, then feel free to donate through the following methods

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I think the technology is not just a tool but a way of life; it should evolve and develop every day to allow daily tasks where imagination is the only limitation.

The use of technology is not visualized as a tool to distinguish one social class but a privilege that few can master in different grades. I agree with the use of technology as an enabler in daily life at all levels but I strongly protest and point out those who hide behind it to avoid the process of thinking and creativity.

I understand that behind every expression of technology there is a scientific concept. Concept meant to be perfect.

That is why this site exists, as a technological expression and accumulation of knowledge about its use. With all that said, expect in my post the know-what but not the know-how.


Read about IT, Migration, Business, Money, Marketing and other subjects.

Some subjects: FusionPBX, FreeSWITCH, Linux, Security, Canada, Cryptocurrency, Trading.