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Another year with not a lot of highlights. Ah yes! COVID. And to be honest, it did affect the business I was doing. I will be looking to do more things soon, VoIP and Photography related. Please stay tuned.

Inside-Out will continue to be a blog where you can find technical articles, mainly focused on the following subjects:

  • Linux Management
  • RPM's for Mageia
  • RPM's for CentOS 
  • FusionPBX and FreeSWITCH Management
  • Information Security
  • CELPIP English Exam
  • Photography as a technical aspect

I will still be moving my immigration articles to the Canadian Journey Blog. Business articles will be split between the Canadian Journey blog and the Trademinator website depending on the nature of the business; Canadian business will go to the Canadian Journey blog, cryptocurrency business will go to Trademinator. I will also be moving some photography articles to my business More Than Photos.


If you think you have been saving money with the content of this blog, then feel free to donate through the following methods

I look forward to having you all read. Good luck!

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