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So I have decided to make public the most useful SQL queries I have developed while dealing with FusionPBX. Please note that I am a MariaDB user, I have no intention to translate to PostgreSQL for free. Remember to change them to fit your specific needs.

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These last days of 2020 I have spent hours patching the "soon-to-be" FusionPBX 4.6. One of the things I don't like is the way the cache engine is designed. Since FusionPBX 4.4, there are two ways of doing cache:

  • using a file system cache (default),
  • using the classic Memcache

I will first talk about how they are now (Dec 30th, 2020) and what my published pull request will fix and enhance.

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So, I will talk now about my experience with Telnyx. There is not too much I can say to introduce this company. Just another one of the top in the market. I know them because one of my customers use to deal with them using their termination trunks.

I will try to tell you what happened with my approach here.

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