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When you are a system administrator one of the first needs you need to satisfy is having a monitoring system. This system needs to give notify you when something breaks almost in real-time with information about what it is happening. Fortunately for everyone, we have Nagios. Nagios supports many things, but I will talk in this post only about service and dependencies.

Thanks to Nagios I am able to manage more than 20 VoIP servers without big issues. If something happens, my smartphone starts sending me alerts until I manually stop it.

If you are new to Nagios I recommend you to read the Nagios Core Documentation. I will assume you are quite familiar with it and that you have already a working deployment.

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Last two weeks I  have been working hard trying to release a new version of the Billing/LCR for FusionPBX software. There are some exciting changes which I will talk about in this post. I encourage everyone to update to this release.

The Tax Logic has changed

Usually, the taxes are taken out from the paid amount. However, this was doing balance calculation very complex, not to mention that there is no a clear way of dealing with this with the different payment processors. The logic now is at follows: when you pay, if there is a tax configured it will be calculated and added to the quantity you want to pay. For example, if you have a 5% tax, and willing to pay 10 USD, you will be forwarded to pay 10.50 USD. This works on all payments plugins now.

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Because I must work with best IT practices, I decide to install my ticketing and support system. I have known OTRS since 2012. As they claim on their website, OTRS with ITMS satisfies ITIL processes, one of them has to be with Incident Management. OTRS, if installed with the correct add-on, can give support for a DBMS, in other words, it can keep track of your inventory and link dependencies and issues to them. OTRS can be linked to a Nagios system as well.

So, if you invest the enough time, you can have a pretty good ticketing system.