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Among the many things MariaDB has, it provides data compression. Yes, that means data is zipped before it is stored. This will give us the following benefits:

  • If you are in a Gallera cluster, synchronization will be faster (less information to be transmitted), and
  • with the same amount of disk space, you will be able to store more records.

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Not really an original thing, but I keep forgetting it. Maybe it helps others.

When FreeSWITCH loads some modules such as mod_callcenter, mod_fifo or is not using any kind of ODBC it uses SQLite as database handler. SQLite stores its database in /var/lib/freeswitch/db (generally). Depending on your hard disk, the I/O may become a bottleneck.


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So far the only way of creating a highly available cluster with a floating IP approach was using bare metal serves in any datacentre, until Digital Ocean arrived. As far as I know, Digital Ocean is the only VPS datacentre who provides floating IP services. Floating IP is very handy, it is the key to create a highly available cluster by moving a floating IP under demand among some selected servers.

I have already explained how to configure a FreeSWITCH HA Cluster. In this article, I will only explain how to configure the Digital Ocean's Pacemaker resource.