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This is not a new question, but I think it is interesting to know how to export a SELECT statement into a CSV formatted file. In this example, I am going to export a FusionBPX CDR format.

SELECT domain_name, direction, caller_id_name, caller_id_number, destination_number, start_stamp, end_stamp, billsec, hangup_cause
        INTO OUTFILE 'amfs.csv'
        ESCAPED BY '\\'

        FROM v_xml_cdr
        WHERE domain_uuid='f4abf9c1-842f-4408-b923-dd0c94ae86da'
                AND start_stamp >= '2015-03-01'
        ORDER BY start_stamp;

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I want to thanks FusionPBX community for their sponsor. Without the given support this new capability wouldn't be possible. Today I have published into the FusionPBX pull requests 3972 and 3973 (for FusionPBX 4.4). This new capability gives your PBX the parent-child domain. This means an admin user will be able to manage more than one domain without being super-admins. The best case scenario for this is new capability is the reseller one.

Once it is configured, you may give access to a reseller and let him manage their domains. I will explain how it works.

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FusionPBX offers a way to remotely reboot your registered endpoints. Of course, those endpoints must honor the SIP signal. However, the problem becomes when you have many extensions. Last week, I had the challenge to reboot more than one thousand endpoints, where eight hundred of them were registered in a single server. As you imagine, the clicking way is too much hassle. There should be another way.