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For some quite time, I have been visiting Packt to get a new eBook each day. Books are related to IT in the cookbook way. You can download them as PDF, ePub or Mobi format. I always download the ePub format and upload it into Google Books.


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These days, VoIP is very complex. It is hard for some people to make a difference where some elements start their role and when others end it. This is the case of provisioning; provisioning is the fact of letting the SIP Endpoints to pull the needed information (SIP credentials, contacts, buttons actions and more).

Usually, an IP telephone tries to pull the information using a file storage protocol like FTP, TFTP or HTTP. HTTP (or HTTPS) is the most common. I will talk about it because FusionPBX supports it out of the box, however, you are free to use whatever you want. This call depends on your IP phone brand.

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RDS services are becoming very common now. Big players like AZURE, Amazon (AWS) or Google are ofering them. They are very handy, you get rid of scalability problems and you only focus on your database management.

One of the features you will find, as I did, in these new services is the enforced security. Which it is good, as the information traves through the Internet. Bad thing is not every system is aware of using TLS/SSL connections. I will talk how i did it in my cases.