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So, I will talk now about my experience with Bandwidth. There is not too much I can say to introduce this company. One of the top in the market. I know them because one of my ex-employers use to deal with them using their termination trunks.

I will try to tell you what happened with my approach here.

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I must tell you this. If I had someone who explained what I am going to explain to others my introduction to the VoIP world (several years ago) wouldn't be so hard as it was. The hardest thing when I started working with VoIP was following others' terms, some of them were invented (not technical terms); I was reading a lot and after my readings, I could understand what they wanted to say, even if they were using the wrong term.

I will try to explain in this article how VoIP works in terms of players, information flows and I will also explain to you some terms that are very common to use. In the end, I guess you will have a picture of who does what. I won't go into technical specifics such as SIP and RTP protocol details.

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Last month I have been discussing with some customers about configuring its PBX. They want to allow all the traffic in their country but premium numbers. Premium numbers are those that the caller is billed when a call is done. In short, those are the 1-900 in North America. If your VoIP company doesn't have a way to secure the payment from a customer where a premium call is done, it may be a good idea to block them; premium rates are quite high.

In the case of North America, it is quite easy, maybe it is easier if you do a regular expression such as /^\+?1?900\d{6}$/ which will block all the premium numbers. However, if you do not live here or you want to block more things or your country doesn't have an easy breakdown, this could be a difficult task.

Fortunately for everybody, FreeSWITCH supports PCRE regular expressions and PCRE-regular expressions have a way to specify negative conditions.

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