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If you do not know, I have been contributing for Mageia since the beginning of this awesome distribution. As a system administrator, one of my biggest concerns is having an easy and repeatable deployment method, hence I am an RPM fan. I have published in the More RPM'ss for Mageia project the RPM SPEC with some source definitions. For those who wonder why here and not in the main distribution, it is simple. This is not an open source project and the way it works, it violates many RPM policies. So, I prefer saving the Mageia team rejection and publish it as an alternative.

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This weekend I learned something new while coding in PHP. Not really a fan of PHP, but it has a lot of libraries I need that makes coding faster. Later when this project is finished, I might recode it in C/C++ without a rush. By the way, I am coding a crypto currency trader if you wonder what I am doing these days.

I found myself in the need of doing overcharge of PHP constructor classes. If you are new on PHP coding, overcharge is the capability that some languages have to define the same function with different parameters.

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Not a fan of PostgreSQL, but lately many people have come to me regardless I have published I work with MySQL/MariaDB. Because of this, I want to share with you a set of scripts to backup and restore your deployment. I am not the author of these scripts, I am just doing little modifications to clean them up and to do some more professional and advanced ones that will work not only with PostgreSQL but with MySQL and MariaDB.

These scripts are thought to work with two stand-alone servers. No clustering or load-balancing is involved.