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Hi there. As many of you know, I have been running a Billing for FusionPBX Funding to convert the code to Opensource. Sadly, last challenge where I downed the billing funding was not reached. So this is the deal. For the second and last time, I have readjusted the funding to 10,000 CADs.  It is a win-win for everybody, I have lowered down the funding goal from 22400 CAD to 10000 CAD (55.35% off). The challenge is the following: if by January 27st, 2018 23:59:59 this new low goal is reached, the source code will be published by February 1st, 2018 latest. If the goal is not reached the original goal will be restored on January 28th, 2018.

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Music on hold (MoH) is the stream you listen when you are being transferred, or when you are in a queue. If my understanding is right, it happens that MoH is continuously reviewed and played within the FreeSWITCH. A single server with many MoH queues will be using/wasting your CPU. Here it is what I have figured out to workaround this situation.

If you have a cluster with many tenants (aka domains), and each user is able to upload its own music on hold you soon will realize that your CPU's utilization starts growing like crazy. I used to have one server in which the FreeSWITCH daemon was reported to use 30% of CPU constantly even without 1 extension registered. If I unload the mod_local_stream module, FreeSWITCH CPU utilization drops to 1%. Insane right? But it clearly tells me it has to be with MoH. Of course, I was loading 99 queues.

Here it is what I did.

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Today I have just published in the OKay's RPM repository RPMs for CasperJS 1.1.4. CasperJS is an open source navigation scripting & testing utility written in Javascript and based on PhantomJS. It eases the process of defining a full navigation scenario and provides useful high-level functions, methods & syntactic sugar for doing common tasks.

CasperJS needs PhantomJS 1.9. My RPM will download this dependency for you.

RPM's are available for Centos 6 and 7. And you can find it if you type yum search casperjs.