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If you are running a serious business, having a webchat in your website page is kind of a must these days. Although  I have had some discussion with a friend of using Facebook Messenger or not I really prefer for the following reasons:

  1. Accessible through the WEB or in a mobile,
  2. Not another application to install,
  3. Open to robot coding,
  4. Very short learning curve,
  5. Public information from the profile is accessible for marketing purposes, and
  6. who does not have a Facebook Account?

I will write how I made it work.

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In my last article, I have described how I did to set up a Galera Cluster. The process works fine if you disable SELinux, however, more than one would like it on for security reasons.

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FusionPBX has proven to be one of the best interfaces that exist for FreeSWITCH. But like any project, it is always subject to improvement.

We are looking for sponsors who want to support the inclusion of the following characteristics:

  • Visual Editor for IVR: redesigning the application to allow a visual design to create IVRs. The idea of this add-on is to let people drop and drag elements by drawing a call flow chart.
  • Yubikey authentication token in stand-alone mode: Users can enter into the Web interface of FusionPBX using the token. Yubikey has excellent support in browsers and servers with Linux.
  • Authentication via PAM: the Web users can enter interface FusionPBX using PAM. This is very useful to let authentication against diferent services, for example, use your password from your email server.
  • Specific routes for Call Flows: Application Call Flow uses the default routes on the tenant sometimes you may require adding a label to allow discriminating certain routes.
  • SMS for FusionPBX: like the voice dialplans, SMS will let you to build complex or simple chat flows. This application will let you use your SIP Client in your mobile, for example, and send/receive texts.

Depending the size of the effort, some of these capabilities will be donated into the FusionPBX project once finished.