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If you have studied any engineering career, you should have studied at some point numeric analysis and learned the least-squares method. Just remembering you, least-squares method aims to minimize the error of the given points when guessing the curve coefficients.

So, if you have some points and you know the order of the equation, this is what you need to know to get the coefficients.

I will write in this article how I used a PHP Artifical Intelligence library to solve any N-order linear equation.

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If you are running a serious business, having a webchat in your website page is kind of a must these days. Although  I have had some discussion with a friend of using Facebook Messenger or not I really prefer for the following reasons:

  1. Accessible through the WEB or in a mobile,
  2. Not another application to install,
  3. Open to robot coding,
  4. Very short learning curve,
  5. Public information from the profile is accessible for marketing purposes, and
  6. who does not have a Facebook Account?

I will write how I made it work.

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In my last article, I have described how I did to set up a Galera Cluster. The process works fine if you disable SELinux, however, more than one would like it on for security reasons.