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WebP is an image format employing both lossy and lossless compression. It is currently developed by Google, based on technology acquired with the purchase of On2 Technologies.

As a derivative of the VP8 video format, it is a sister project to the WebM multimedia container format. The webp-related software is released under a BSD license.

For us, as Webmasters, what it makes this interesting is that using the WebP format correctly, you can downsize your image files from 10% to 90%. I will write here how I managed to use this format in an agnostic website. You won't need to mess with your software.

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If you have installed FusionPBX from the installation scripts you will notice it has already some fail2ban configurations. If you are using my RPM's, it doe not include any kind of this configuration as my philosophy is to specialize the package to do one thing, not a do-it-all. Anyway, if you are only using FusionPBX with FreeSWITCH as a personal PBX those rules should be more than enough.

I recommend you do a quick reading of my previous fail2ban post where I describe the gap between Layer 7 exposures versus Layer 3 controls. You will understand my thinking.

If you are being more serious about your PBX or you are running a business you will find at one point those rules are not enough. I will explain myself a little more. As a commercial service, your exposure to the world is bigger; your domain is advertised, telephones do DNS, HTTP and SIP request to your servers and sooner than later you will start getting your first kiddy scripts targeting your servers. As you grow, you will find your customers are far to be technical; they do many dumb things (wrong password because they changed something on the service or inside jobs from tech staff are some examples) which it leads to fail2ban rule applications.

There is nothing more harmful than a bad review from an ignorant customer. They do not know why they are being blocked. So, here is where we need to tun fail2ban and add some important information to pre-block offending IP's.

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Don't take it wrong, Fail2ban is an excellent tool to prevent brute-force attacks. However, sometimes there are production scenarios where you need to keep your door slightly open. It is the classic dilemma security vs utilization; in pro fo the security, you may have a lot of countermeasures that will block many things, depending your paranoia, you may close as much as you want to a point that you may start to have false positives; in pro of the production you may need to keep up and running your service no matter what, you even will need to accept some brute-force attacks from "clean" IPs.