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Last month I have been discussing with some customers about configuring its PBX. They want to allow all the traffic in their country but premium numbers. Premium numbers are those that the caller is billed when a call is done. In short, those are the 1-900 in North America. If your VoIP company doesn't have a way to secure the payment from a customer where a premium call is done, it may be a good idea to block them; premium rates are quite high.

In the case of North America, it is quite easy, maybe it is easier if you do a regular expression such as /^\+?1?900\d{6}$/ which will block all the premium numbers. However, if you do not live here or you want to block more things or your country doesn't have an easy breakdown, this could be a difficult task.

Fortunately for everybody, FreeSWITCH supports PCRE regular expressions and PCRE-regular expressions have a way to specify negative conditions.

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CDN's are very popular these days. Their main purpose is to off-load the servers and increase the speed of the website. I will explain here why you need a CDN from the performance and security point of view and if your website doesn't have CDN native support, how you can enable it with mod_cdn.

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Today, I am publishing the RPMs for Mod CDN 1.1.1. All you need to do is to add my OKay's RPM repository, and just install it. mod_cdn is an apache2 module developed at Voxel dot Net that makes VoxCAST and other CDNs easier to use by automatically "CDNifying" some HTML content and "originifying" the origin apache server to send proper headers, validate authentication tokens, etc. mod_cdn is meant to be installed and configured on a CDN customer's origin server.

This module is very handy when your software doesn't offer direct support for CDN. If you can't change the URL for your static object, then this is what you need.

If you wonder what is the big difference from my RPM's, I have patched the code in order to let it be compiled against apache 2.4.

RPM's are available for Centos 7 and 8. And you can find it if you type yum search mod_cdn.