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Today, I have published in OKay's RPM repository RPMs for the Enhanced CDR Importer (ECI) for FusionPBX 1.1.0. The ECI is a drop-in replacement for the CDR importer that comes with FusionPBX. It has a plugin architecture allows you to easily export the CDR into third-party software such as Billing for FusionPBX, Helpdesk, CRM or Bigdata applications.

RPM's are available for Centos 6 and 7. And you can find it if you type yum search fusionpbx-enhanced-cdr-importer.

The ECI requires FusionPBX 4.4 or better.


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If you are the proud owner of a FusionPBX load-balanced cluster, you may have some troubles dealing with the call center feature. In short, when you do a change, the FreeSWITCH does not take the change. I will explain why and how to deal with this behavior.

In the past, I have described different approaches about the architecture of a load-balanced FusionPBX cluster: the simplest one with two datacentres and a more distributed one where the web UI is hosted in a separated server.

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I know, it has been a while something about FusionPBX RPM. Today, I have published in OKay's RPM repository RPMs for FusionPBX 4.4.0. FusionPBX is an open source FreeSWITCH GUI. FusionPBX can be used as a high available, single or domain based multi-tenant PBX, carrier-grade switch, call centre server, fax server, VoIP server, voicemail server, conference server, voice application server, appliance framework and more. FreeSWITCH is a highly scalable, multi-threaded, multi-platform communication platform. FusionPBX license is the MPL 1.1 license.

This is a vanilla FusionPBX some patches from my own, mainly to be able to run correctly the load-balanced cluster mode and to fix the class-based XML CDR importer. This RPM will install MySQL (for CentOS 6) or MariaDB (for Centos 7) as the database backend, all possible information will be stored there, such as dial plans, profile information, registrations and so on.

If you were wondering what is new in 4.4, I have found the following in a 15-minutes quick look:

  • new bridges application
  • new streams application
  • new number transaction application
  • new transaction logger
  • new behaviour for the dial-plan manager
  • the directory now has a first name and last name fields

I believe there are more. As I said, is a 15 minutes review.

As a premium add-on, installation using this RPM includes the LCR and Billing for FusionPBX in-app. You just need to activate it and start configuring. Please note that the Billing application is still not 100% compatible with FusionPBX 4.4.x.

RPM's are available for Centos 6 and 7. And you can find it if you type yum search fusionpbx.

By the way, I know FusioPBX 4.4 has been released. I will publish the RPM's soon.