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It is not news that many people are searching for the not very new codec G.729. Since 2018 (please google it), the codec G.729 is not under patent, therefore you can use it without paying patent fees. This is a huge step for the VoIP work, why? Because the G.729 codec offers many advantages, one of them is the low bandwidth requirement; it needs about 11 kbps up and down each. If you think it, the less bandwidth required means your service will be more tolerant to the overuse of links. It is very common that in an office or a residence, more than one is watching any kind of streaming or downloading a big file.

Because of this, I think it is very important to tell the world how to install G.729 on your FreeSWITCH server.

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Today, I am publishing the RPMs for SNGrep 1.4.8 All you need to do is to add my OKay's RPM repository, and just install it. SNGrep is a tool for displaying SIP calls message flows from the terminal. It supports live capture to display real-time SIP packets and can also be used as a PCAP viewer.

If you wonder what is the big difference from my RPM's, these have all the options enabled as much as possible. This RPM enables the HEP/EEP protocol, very handy if you want to use it to interact with Homer.

UPDATE: CentOS 6 is now at its EOL, therefore I am stopping any free update.

RPM's are available for Centos 7 and 8. And you can find it if you type yum search sngrep.

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After you decide to use FusionPBX as your main software for your VoIP business, the very next dilemma you will find is about the economics of telecommunications, in other words maximizing your profits. Happily for us, the VoIP and FreeSWITCH have something that is called LCR.

LCR by itself solve two issues:

  • termination calls have fault-tolerance, and
  • your termination cost is minimized (this is what this article is all about).


  • a way to charge users for PBX utilization.

Sadly, FusionPBX doesn't have an LCR or Billing applications out of the box. Lucky, my business has been developing an LCR and Billing for FusionPBX applications for some time. This article will describe all the wonderful things that the LCR and Billing applications come within its version 1.3.2.

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