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Everyone knows that CentOS only takes care of some specific core packages. All others, if you want to continue using RPM's, must be used from alternative Repositories. There are many alternatives:

  • EPEL: you will find here many useful packages. Packages get updates for critical bugs.
  • Remi: you will find here backports for most useful packages. 
  • OKay: you will find here some specific packages for servers, audio, and video.

I especially do contributions to the OKay repository. So, if you want to use OKay follow these steps:

  • Install the EPEL repository, you may try typing yum install epel-release. I think at least Centos 7 has it out of the box.
  • Install the okay-release RPM. Type:
    • Centos 6 on 32 bits: rpm -ivh
    • Centos 6 on 64 bits: rpm -ivh
    • Centos 7 on 64 bits: rpm -ivh

I will post later as I publish some updates or packages.

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At some point, after running your PBX for a while, you will get some exposition. If you go to your PBX console and watch your logs, you may notice that sometimes someone tries to register or to send an INVITE signal. These tries are usually done by scripts looking for misconfigured SIP servers.

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Syncthing 0.14.46rc2 is now available in OKay's RPM repository since today. Syncthing is a complete synchronization, multi-platform solution to have same files on your devices. It is like a Peer-to-Peer.

Syncthing is an excellent option if you have at least one road warrior involved. Since there is no warranty of a public IP or even a static IP, Syncthing architecture allows clients to bypass NAT's and allow file exchange. The good thing about Syncthing is it is available not only on Linux and Windows but Android as well. You can have in sync important files on your mobile or tablet.

Please note that 0.14.x is not compatible with 0.13.x. So, you need to update everything.

RPM's are available for Centos 6 and 7. And you can find it if you type yum search syncthing.