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These last days of 2020 I have spent hours patching the "soon-to-be" FusionPBX 4.6. One of the things I don't like is the way the cache engine is designed. Since FusionPBX 4.4, there are two ways of doing cache:

  • using a file system cache (default),
  • using the classic Memcache

I will first talk about how they are now (Dec 30th, 2020) and what my published pull request will fix and enhance.

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So I have decided to make public the most useful SQL queries I have developed while dealing with FusionPBX. Please note that I am a MariaDB user, I have no intention to translate to PostgreSQL for free. Remember to change them to fit your specific needs.

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So, again. In my last article related to how to work around the crappy surcharges some greedy carriers are imposing I describe how to extend the call to a minimum of 6 seconds when the caller hangs up first. This is very useful in a class-5 PBX, but it is not enough. Another surcharge that carriers are innovating is the cancellation ratio; you may get a surcharge if a certain percentage of your calls in a given period of time exceeds a threshold.

Possible Scenarios

This is really difficult to avoid, for starters, think of a ring group that points to a mix of extensions and cellphone numbers (make it worst, some extensions have a call forward to cellphones). When a call arrives, all the endpoints and cellphones will ring; when someone answers every other call is cancelled rising right away your cancellation ratio. Also if you have a teenager you may know that they do not always answer the phone, 10 to 20 lost calls just to find out they forgot to they put it on mute.

Any of these possible scenarios or any other you may have rises your cancellation ratio, therefore your surcharges. I will describe a technique I have implemented in the next LCR for FusionPBX 1.3.0 release.

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