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If you are looking for a cluster, but you have a low budget, there is another cluster schema you can have. It is what I call all the eggs in the same nest. This approach is not load-balanced and is far to be a high-availability one. It is more a fault tolerance one, which it means you still have some downtime but you can recover very easily.

So, just to be clear. This approach I will write about it is not load balanced, nor high available.

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Today, I have published in OKay's RPM repository RPMs for the Enhanced CDR Importer (ECI) for FusionPBX 1.1.0. The ECI is a drop-in replacement for the CDR importer that comes with FusionPBX. It has a plugin architecture allows you to easily export the CDR into third-party software such as Billing for FusionPBX, Helpdesk, CRM or Bigdata applications.

RPM's are available for Centos 6 and 7. And you can find it if you type yum search fusionpbx-enhanced-cdr-importer.

The ECI requires FusionPBX 4.4 or better.


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If you are the proud owner of a FusionPBX load-balanced cluster, you may have some troubles dealing with the call center feature. In short, when you do a change, the FreeSWITCH does not take the change. I will explain why and how to deal with this behavior.

In the past, I have described different approaches about the architecture of a load-balanced FusionPBX cluster: the simplest one with two datacentres and a more distributed one where the web UI is hosted in a separated server.