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If you like me, and you have a lot of free disk space then it is a good idea to make money by farming it. Farming is the term we are going to use when you are renting your free space to others. Currently, for some happy reasons, I have 7 TB I can rent. In this article, I will show how to rent your space. Once you get your SIA Coins (SC), it is up to you to trade them.


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This is one of the most common issues that could carry issues if you have a MariaDB Galera Cluster. After restarting the cluster, the nodes are not joining. If you look into your log, you may find a line like this:

It may not be safe to bootstrap the cluster from this node. It was not the last one to leave the cluster and may not contain all the updates. To force cluster bootstrap with this node, edit the grastate.dat file manually and set safe_to_bootstrap to 1.

Continue reading, here there are some steps I did to recover mine.


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In this post, I am going to talk about how to configure FreeSWITCH in a high availability active-passive schema. The active-passive approach will share a floating IP between your VoIP switches and when one gets off-line, the passive one will take control over the IP and it will get the load. For more information about how this works, I strongly suggest you read my article about the High Availability Cluster Overview; you will understand what you are going to do.

This article will assume the following: