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In this economic, certifications have been a useful weapon to prof others your skills. There is not doubt about that. Certifications are also useful to get your dreamed work (if you know how to play well that card) but not everybody plays fair.

When looking for a job you will see many posts asking for certified people, if you are lucky you will be contacted back asking for more details and to show the certifications you are claiming. However, not everybody is fair; some employers just need your certificate to show them in a call for proposal to win a bid. So this is a problem, how you as a professional can show your credentials without being fooled. Here it is where the digital badges are useful.

Why Trust a Digital Badge?

Digital Badget corporation such as YourAcclaim has done some deals with trust companies such as (ISC)2 and ISACA. This way an employer can trust your certification claim without the need to have a digital copy of your hard copy certificate.

Of course, your badge will have your certificate number. Your potential employer will be able to verify directly with the certification body if he needs.

How do I show my Badge?

Badges can be showed as an Image, but if you want to show the source you can show your profile. For example, my profile is

I also include some javascript code in my web pages.

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