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In my continuous quest to improve my knowledge, I have started to read The Referal Engine: Teaching Your Business to Market Itself from John Jantsch. I must say it is a very good book; I have not finished yet (when writing this article, I have just finished chapter 4). I want to share you some new knowledge about the new marketing.

Jantsch states that the four P's of the marketing (product, price, place and promotion) are now obsolete in the new digital world of the Internet. Instead, he establishes the four C's (content, context, connection, and community). I am going to talk about them.


Authentic content that educates or is otherwise seen as valuable to the consumer is the new currency of marketing. Highly wired business, for example, often distribute detailed "how to" information for free, via blog post and white papers.

The fact of having a no-strings-attached contend allows consumers to break down built-in sales resistance, build trust, and demonstrate expertise in the business.


The ability to situate information within the context of a prospect's life has become a core marketing tactic. Create a product that does less, but do it elegantly.


Keep a balance between connecting using technology and real life. It seems the most connected through technology, the more we long for real connections. The most remarkable businesses seem to innovate and create buzz by balancing high-tech connections with high-touch engagements, by allowing one to inform the other.


Community is freedom to form around shared ideas, common interests, and strategic relationships unbound by distance. You should find a niche in your market start a community.

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