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I've got an interesting booklet about how to do an online business. It has its interesting points, not everything applies to every online business model, but it is a good point to start. So I am going to comment the fourth topic called "What are you good at?". This first summary will ask you why are you doing this. Be ready to answer this question.

Before you start to generate specific ideas, it helps to look at what sort of enterprise would suit you. There's an almost infinite range of possible ventures, and the first step is to narrow these down. You owe it to yourself and your customers to build your business around your skills and interests. By working out what these are, you can both eliminate ideas that fall outside tat list and use it as a springboard for generating ideas.

Do the following list:

  1. Rate your knowledge
  2. Check your strangeness as the entrepreneur, manager and technician. The entrepreneur is the ideas person; the manager is the organiser (targets, resources, problems); the technician gets the work done.

You will find that usually you are a technician. This does not mean you are not an entrepreneur or a manager, but your strangeness will be there.

You can use the following list as a skill checklist sample:

  1. Physical
    1. Stamina
    2. Agility
    3. Fitness
    4. Building things
    5. Cooking
    6. Using machines and tools
    7. Gardening
  2. Arts
    1. Creativity
    2. Design
    3. Imagination
    4. Performance arts
    5. Improvisation
    6. Visual arts
    7. Crafts
  3. Analytical
    1. Logic
    2. Maths
    3. Forecasting
    4. Budgeting
    5. Administrative skills
    6. Setting goals
    7. Computer skills
    8. Computer programming
  4. Emotional and interpersonal
    1. Teamwork and team building
    2. Negotiation
    3. Persuasion
    4. Listening
    5. Problem solving
    6. Customer service
    7. Teaching
    8. Coaching
    9. Leading
    10. Managing others
    11. Self-management
    12. Decisiveness

Good Luck!

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