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When I was studying for my CELPIP exam I got material from them. Unfortunately, I can not put the PDF to the public because it has a watermark with my personal email. But I can put you here what it says.

CELPIP's sixth error as they state:

Misplaced modifiers are modifying words, phrases, or clauses whose ineffective position in the sentence leads to unintentionally unclear or absurd meanings: The customers are buying helmets that want to play hockey. The writer means that the customers want to play hockey, but the sentence says the helmets want to play hockey. To fix the problem, we place the adjective clause nearer to the noun it modifies: The customers that want to play hockey are buying helmets.


Participial phrases (-ing, -ed, or -en verbals working as adjectives) are frequently misplaced:

  • The dog hailed the car waiting for on the sidewalk.
  • Waiting on the sidewalk, the dog hailed the car.

Good luck!

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