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When I was studying for my CELPIP exam I got material from them. Unfortunately, I can not put the PDF to the public because it has a watermark with my personal email. But I can put you here what it says.

CELPIP's twentieth-second error as they state:

The transition terms are words and phrases that help the reader or the listener follow your narrative and connect your ideas together. They are like traffic signals, alerting the reader or listener to what might come next. There are three areas where errors most often occur on the CELPIP test in relationship to transition terms:

  1. They are not used at all. This usually means the latest taker tries to communicate a series of ideas that are disconnected and difficult to piece together.
  2. They are used illogically. Since specific transitions terms have specific meanings need to be chosen carefully or they will confuse the listener or reader.
  3. They are used erroneously. Sometimes transition phrases are used ungrammatically.

How to Use Transition Terms

  • Don't just assume the readers and listeners can link your ideas together. Good writers and speakers use transitions terms to help guide their audience.
  • Make sure you understand the meaning and proper usage of all the transition terms. Try to improve your knowledge of them by reading grammar books that offer many examples for each.


Using the same term repeatedly:

  • I thought I'd finished, but I still had to proofread my work, but my time had run out.
  • I thought I'd finished, but I still had to proofread my work. However, my time had run out.
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