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WES Report

If you are like me, have a university or higher studies, you should know that those studies are not officially valid in Canada. You need to do run a process to get your equivalent study level.

Your next question is, why you may want to have a Canadian equivalency degree? The answer is easy, this process is needed if you want to continue studying or for migration purposes.

In order to get the paper you need, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the website of World Education Services, there are others, but I found this clear enough to run the process.
  2. Start a Canadian credential assessment. You will need to pay like 325 USD. The system will ask you to start listing all your university, master or doctoral studies. Only input studies you are 100% you can get original transcripts from the University.
  3. Grab your diplomas and do a photocopy. The website will show you desired papers you need to mail to them.
  4. The website will show you a list of papers they need to get from the University. In my case, it was only the transcripts. You will need to fill and sign an authorization form to let the University send papers to WES. Print that form, fill it, sign it and send it to school (you can scan it and send by email). University will need to print that form, fill blank spaces and sign it. It is very important the school sends the signed form with the required papers in a closed official university envelope. Sometimes University will send you the transcripts and authorization form, if this is the case, it is very important they send you a clean envelope with the institution logo so you can close it and send it. It is very important that case number is written on the envelope.
  5. You will get updates by email when WES get papers. As soon all papers are sent and okay, you will get your assessment. In my case, after having all papers, it was 5 days waiting.

The paper you will get it is more or less like this.

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