If you are looking forward to coming to Canada, give a look to this website:
katapulta canada

It has free information about how to go as a tourist, as an international student, as a temporal foreign worker or, as a permanent resident.

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The Canadian Job Bank is the official place where an employer needs to posts its job offer in order to start running the many government hiring processes such as getting an LMIA. I will describe in this article how to post a vacancy. First things you need to do is to register yourself as an employer. The first thing you need to do is to open an account. You will need the following things:

  • Social Security Number (a non-temporal one),
  • Personal data

By accessing to the Canadian Employers Job Bank page, you will be able to register. The sign-up is not immediate, you will need to way for a verification and in the worst case, you will get an email asking for documentation or to present in person in a Canada Service to enable it. Once you are verified you will need to setup an Enterprise. One person has an account who can register one or more enterprises. Until you verified an enterprise, you won't be able to post a job offer. To verify an enterprise you will need the following:

  • Telephone bill
  • Company's payroll deduction form (also known as PD7A)

You will be contacted to send this documentation. If you don't know how PD7A looks like, they will send you these images as a guide.


Until then you will be able to post a job offer. I will start talking about the processes.

First thing is to find the NOC code of your desired position. If you don't know it, the Canadian government has an NOC web page where you can consult the one that fits best your position. Pay attention that there are 2 versions of the NOC, 2006 and 2011. Be positive you are using 2011.


The wage information is something you must have clear. Depending the process you are trying to accomplish with this job post, the wage must be coherent with the NOC code and the area. The good news is that you can get this information directly from the job bank. Look as a job seeker others' similar jobs, it will report the average salary. jobbank6jobbank7jobbank8jobbank9jobbank10jobbank11jobbank12jobbank13jobbank14jobbank15 jobbank16 jobbank17 jobbank18 jobbank19

You are done, your job post will be reviewed and published. Please note that I am not a lawyer, not an immigrant consultant. I just share what I have been doing to help others.

Good luck!

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