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EstoyEn it is a project from my own that allows you to access contents from websites that have geolocalization restrictions. For example, Hulu (where you can watch episodes 1 day after they were in US TV) is only available in the US. With this project I enable you to watch Hulu (of course you will need to have a paid subscription). Other good example is the Netflix; Netflix changes its catalog depending what country you are connecting from (not what paypal or credit card you use). Using my service you will be able to change between zones.

I have been working trying to make this work on many platforms as possible: Playstation 3 & 4, Wii U, AppleTV, Smart TV, Blueray, Windows, Android, iOS, etc. And as many services providers I found.

The project offers DNS and PPTP & OpenVPN type VPN. If you are a movie fan, or you don't want to get out this winter I can tell you this kind of service is what you need.

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