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Since the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been forced to look into other markets. One of the new opportunities I have seen is in adult entertainment. After doing research, I have found that female content creators (aka girls) are selling their material through Snapchat. They call this Premium Snapchat.

Without entering into the fine detail of how a Premium Snapchat works, I found right away the following weaknesses:

  • The content creators must do the transaction by their own means. Once they are contacted by a potential customer, they must agree in a common way to send-receive the money. PayPal? Please, if you are a content creator don't use PayPal, it is against its term of service and it is quite easy to do a chargeback.
  • Market limitation because of the payment method. If both parties are in the same country, it is easy to find a common way. However, being abroad represents a challenge with the risk of not doing business.
  • Recurrent billing must be manual. It is very easy to lose track of who is paying and who is not. Some content creators started to offer time life subscriptions to try to work around this issue, however this rise more problems than solutions:
    • content creators can get easily discouraged from doing quality content,
    • when Snapchat cancels an account, it is really a miracle to find each other. It is up to the goodwill of the content creator to honour her world of lifetime access.
  • Snapchat self-promotion runs ineffective with time. Snapchat recommends friends of friends in two-way suggestions, but it only shows the top 25 in the screen suggestion section. As time passes, a content creator-specific Snapchat won't be suggested on top of the list.

The Fling Groups (aka Premium Telegram Groups) work as follows:

  • Charge fans through major credit cards.
  • Pay the content creators through PayPal.
  • Manages subscriptions:
    • the automatic charge to credit card,
    • unpaid member section from the group.
  • Automatic advertising to users.

How did I do that? I give myself the task to code a Telegram bot, which I call Andrew Martin. Feel free to talk to him.

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