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For those who do not know me, I am not only a technician. I hold two masters, one has to be with Telecom Management. So, after careful analysis of the telecommunication behaviour, I found a way to make this profitable (I hope I am right). I want to share with you all one of the most recent services I am offering: Unlimited SIP Trunks to USA48 and Lower Canada. USA48 is the way to name all American states but Hawaii and Alaska; lower Canada means the provinces (excluding the territories).

This could be a good use case of my Billing for FusionPBX with FreeSWITCH in-app. In general terms, you sign up for the service, after that, you will get the welcome email with some technical information. A ticket will be raised and I or one of my team will start provisioning the service. After a while, you will get a ticket answer with the technical details on how to configure your trunk.

SIP Trunk Service Description

By default, the service won't allow you to route other destinations than USA48 and Lower Canada but, if you need international you can ask for it under request. The service may allow all or per-country basis. If you do an international call, the system will create you an invoice you will need to clear later or it will charge you to the next month. Some customers, depending on where they are from, or our history with us may require to make a deposit to allow international routing.

Unlimited SIP Trunk Price

So, about the prices. If you don't rent a white label FusionPBX server from me, the price is around 14.99 USD per channel monthly. But, if you do rent one of those servers, the price drops to 9.99 USD per channel monthly (the trunk is linked to the server).

UPDATE: Unlimited is not longer available.

Let's do business! Good luck!

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