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Auto-provisioning is the technique that allows a hardware telephone to pull its SIP configuration from the PBX, this way a system administrator doesn't need to be in front of the telephone each time there is a change; think on auto-provisioning as a remote configuration. Auto-provisioning will reduce the need of having the hardware in your hands each time you want to change a SIP credential.

Aastra telephones are supported on FusionPBX, but they are not out-the-box. I will talk about how I did to auto-provision an Aastra phone.

 This article assumes:

  • You have a working FusionPBX. If you don't, then read my post about how to install FusionPBX.
  • You have access to an Aastra telephone.
  • You have super-admin FusionPBX privileges.
  • You have root SSH access to your server.

So, now you that have all, let's start first with the server end.

Enabling Provisioning in your FusionPBX server

First, you need to do is go to your web server and add a .htaccess file entry. If you are using my RPM's the correct path for this file is /var/www/html/.htaccess. Edit it and add the following lines:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^.*/provision/aastra.cfg$ fusionpbx/app/provision/index.php?file=aastra.cfg [QSA]
RewriteRule ^.*/provision/([A-Fa-f0-9]{12})(\.(xml|cfg))?$ fusionpbx/app/provision/index.php?mac=$1[QSA]

If you already have provisioning working, it is very likely you already have one of these lines.

By default, Apache has disabled the .htaccess file, so you need to enable it. Edit the httpd.conf file, usually in /etc/httpd/conf/ directory and look for the <Directory /var/www/html> tag, you will find an AllowOverwrite directive, change it to All. After that, you need to restart apache.

Log in your FusionPBX web UI as super-admin and go to Advanced->default settings menu option. Look for the following:

Category: provision
Subcategory: enable
Type: text
Value: true
Enable: true

Edit or add it.  Do the same for this one:

Category: switch
Subcategory: provision
Type: dir
Value: /var/www/html/fusionpbx/resources/provision
Enable: true

Change these values to fit your specific environment. Save, and log out of your console. You are almost done.

At this point, provisioning is enabled on the server end. You need to add your device configuration manually. When doing this, as a tip, be 100% positive the field Vendor has Aastra as value.

Configuring the Aastra IP Telephone

Log in your telephone WEB UI. The default username is admin, and the default password is 22222 (five 2's). Go to Configuration Server menu option and edit the following fields:

Download protocol: HTTP or HTTPS (it is up to you)
HTTP/HTTPS server: <your tenant domain name>
HTTP?HTTPS path: /fusionpbx/provision
HTTP/HTTPS port: 80 or 443 (this depends on your configuration, these are default values)

Save, and reboot your Aastra IP Telephone. You are done.


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