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So, I will talk now about my experience with Telnyx. There is not too much I can say to introduce this company. Just another one of the top in the market. I know them because one of my customers use to deal with them using their termination trunks.

I will try to tell you what happened with my approach here.

My Approach to Telnyx

Telnyx offers an effortless way to sign up. In five minutes I was able to have a working account with a 10 USD credit to test. Their web console has a lot of things, some of which I think I would never need.

Their support is done through a web chate you have access to. It was not the fastest I have ever seen, they took from 24 to 48 hours to answer.

The Contract and Terms Highlights

You do not need to contact anyone to start using Telnyx. It is a 100% prepaid service and they take credit cards and PayPal. I couldn't find any reference if they take out the PayPal fees from your balance. I haven't top up my credit yet.


Telnyx rates are not the best. In fact, they are one of the most expensive I have ever seen. They also have a 60/60 increment in all their rates.

Telnyx has a very strange pricing tier. Tier 0, where everybody starts without monthly commitments. If you sign up for a monthly commitment, you may have access to a slightly better rate.

Telnyx has a free charge on the bright side if you terminate a call to a number they host. Sadly, I have not found a way to know that, also I haven't got a straight answer to this matter from support.


Oddly, they claim to have no surcharges. However, I discussed with support about; they told me they have the right to terminate my account. There was no discussion about metrics, they didn't specify what is bad traffic and for how long before this could happen. Their website doesn't specify if there is a refund of the remaining balance if your account is terminated for these reasons.

Their website has some suggestions about avoiding some bad traffic:

Their rates are so expensive that normal use would pay for the surcharges themselves.

Where is my Balance?

So in a single day, I had to top up 30 USD. In what wast spent that money? Who knows! Telnyx is not able to give a report of the money (like the credit card statement). There is not a straight way to see cent-by-cent how the money is being used. Which in my opinion I kind of sketchy as it is very easy to add surcharges without any notification.


I would recommend using Telnyx as a backup carrier for termination.

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