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Caching in OTRS allows you to reuse objects that have been used recently. By default, OTRS has a disk cache. However, this could not be enough if you are planning to do a cluster or you just want to speed things up. Fortunately for us, someone coded the Memcached support. So I will talk about how I did this.

In my very specific case, the VPS where I have installed my OTRS is very slow on I/O operations, so putting a Memcached configuration helped a lot!

Disclaimer: I am not the author of this patch. I just did the .patch file more friendly.

Follow these steps:

  1. Install the Perl-Cache-Memcached-Fast package, if you are using my RPM's I have already package as an RPM. Just type the command yum install perl-Cache-Memcached-Fast
  2. Download the Memcached Patch I have done
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    Date  2017-04-24
    File Size  9 kB
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  3. Apply the patch using your otrs/ directory as a base
  4. Edit the Kernel/ file and put the following line:
    $Self->{Memcached} = {'Servers' => [''], 'Parameters' => {'compress_threshold' => 10_000, 'utf8'=>1}};
  5. Edit the OTRS Core::Cache Settings, enable Memcached and review the parameters
  6. Restart Apache
  7. Restart the OTRS daemon


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