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Today I have published in OKay's RPM repository RPMs for FreeSWITCH 1.6.15. FreeSWITCH is a complete VoIP switch that works on many platforms, including Centos 6 and Centos 7. This is one of the biggest packages I have ever done; there are more than 1720 hours of work behind to make it work (mainly because the CentOS 6 support). When updating, you will notice it will download many libraries, most part of them not available anywhere.

The big difference on my RPM's is there are more sub-packages, for example, you can install only freeswitch-cli if you only need fs_cli command; Centos 6 RPMS for 32 and 64 bits are available with video support; I have imported a patch that fixes mod_nibblebill, in some situations leg b won't hang up and it will produce money losses. I have been updating some other dependencies such as VLC, OpenH264 and MPG123 with latest stable if you were using my RPM's you will notice more updates as well. In addition, I have published the sounds for en-ca-june, the Canadian English language. If you live in Canada and you do English exams such as CELPIP, you will notice those little differences.

Because libyuv is now part of the core, these RPMs are compiled with video support. Yes, you read it well, both Centos 6 and 7 with video support.

For those asking about FreeSWITCH changelog, this is the list published by them:

New features and improvements that were added:

  • FS-10006 [core] Allow adding parameters to P-Asserted-Identity
  • FS-10008 [mod_say_en] Add military time to say_en
  • FS-10017 [freeswitch-core] Add rtp_nack_buffer_size to control how many rtp packets are saved.
  • FS-9955 [mod_kazoo] Adding setting profile variable when setting channel variables
  • FS-9959 [mod_spandsp] Add two new channel variables: fax_t38_tx_reinvite_packet_count - overrides t38-tx-reinvite-packet-count param in spandsp.conf and fax_t38_rx_reinvite_packet_count - overrides t38-rx-reinvite-packet-count param in spandsp.conf

Improvements in build system, cross platform support, and packaging:

  • FS-10003 [mod_ilbc] Adding a small tweak to freeswitch.spec file for improper libilbc2 requirement
  • FS-10010 [Windows] Fixed the windows WIX installer by including a proper vc runtime
  • FS-10034 [Windows] Fix WIX to respect Win32/x64 binary output folders
  • FS-9944 [Windows] Add core video support to windows build, add mod_png to windows build, and add mod_av to windows build
  • FS-9924 [CentOS] Removed libvpx dependency from SPEC file.
  • FS-9978 [mod_expr] Fixed an issue with random seed function not working for Windows

The following bugs were squashed:

  • FS-10007 [mod_conference] Fixed an issue with reservation-id and conference video layouts
  • FS-10012 [mod_callcenter] Enabling bypass media if agent's leg have bypass_media_after_bridge=true
  • FS-10019 [mod_conference] Fixed a crash when playing mp4 in personal-canvas mode
  • FS-10020 [mod_av] Fixed an issue with error scrolls endlessly on a recording that fails to rtmp address
  • FS-10021 [RTP] Large RTP timestamp jump when system clock is late from internal timer
  • FS-10022 [mod_sofia] Add "none" as valid answer for tls-verify-policy
  • FS-10025 [core] Fixed global symbol scope issue causing modules to use another modules global pointer
  • FS-10026 [mod_verto] Reduce attach_wake calls by caching it
  • FS-10031 [mod_conference] Fixed an issue with personal canvas mode doesn't switch layouts properly when a group is specified
  • FS-10035 [mod_sofia] Fixed outbound calls use progressing not alerting
  • FS-6683 [mod_dingaling] Fix to deal with TLS-Fragments
  • FS-9137 [mod_openh264] Update to support openh264 release 1.5.0 and 1.6.0
  • FS-9206 [core] Enable proxy media auto-adjust on re-invite for video every time as the streams may be being added on re-invite
  • FS-9809 [mod_sofia] URL encode caller id number before sticking it in the FROM header in case we have non URL safe characters in the CID number in the caller profile
  • FS-9929 [core][mod_spandsp] Assert in switch_frame_buffer_dup when receiving a fax using t.38
  • FS-9931 [mod_sofia] Don't send display updates to endpoints who don't have UPDATE in their Allow header
  • FS-9932 [freeswitch-core] Error with group confirm feature combined with enterprise originate
  • FS-9933 [freeswitch-core] Fallback from native file failure to alternate extension
  • FS-9934 [mod_redis] Fixed a segfault on windows on close or connect failure
  • FS-9943 [core] Fixed the default 488 handling for t.38 re-invite switching to udptl mode when it should not.
  • FS-9946 [verto_communicator] Fixed an issue with video size when the window is resized on canary
  • FS-9947 [verto_communicator] Do not try to parse empty chat messages
  • FS-9954 [freeswitch-core] Fixed a crash on switch_ivr_intercept_session due null pointer for buuid
  • FS-9962 [mod_spandsp] Avaya IP Office IB FAX call T38 v0 failed
  • FS-9966 [mod_sofia] Fixed private ip in contact header when invite w/ nosdp
  • FS-9970 [mod_sofia] Don't detect NAT in cases when the contact is in the acl, but the packet actually came from a proxy. We need to check where we got the packet from as being a NATted address instead of the contact in order to properly handle nat to our next hop
  • FS-9975 [mod_sofia] Add contact params to request uri of outbound recovery reinvite for originally inbound calls
  • FS-9981 [mod_spandsp] Add api_on_fax_success api_on_fax_failure
  • FS-9984 [mod_enum] Fix for handle leak in Windows
  • FS-9989 [mod_kazoo] Add a parameter to ignore transient network issues
  • FS-9990 [freeswitch-core] Exhaust fmtp sensitive codecs before moving on with negotiation in video
  • FS-9997 [mod_verto] Fixed an invalid JSON-RPC response to an incorrect JSON-RPC request.

RPM's are available for Centos 6 and 7. And you can find it if you type yum search freeswitch.

Please note there are more than 1800 working hours so far in order to make this possible.


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