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Yesterday I have published in OKay's RPM repository RPMs for FreeSWITCH 1.6.19. FreeSWITCH is a complete VoIP switch that works on many platforms, including Centos 6 and Centos 7. This is one of the biggest packages I have ever done; there are more than 1800 hours of work behind to make it work (mainly because of the CentOS 6 support). When updating, you will notice it will download many libraries, most part of them not available anywhere.

The big difference on my RPM's is there are more sub-packages, for example, you can install only freeswitch-cli if you only need fs_cli command; Centos 6 RPMS for 32 and 64 bits are available with video support; I have imported a patch that fixes mod_nibblebill, in some situations leg b won't hang up and it will produce money losses. I have been updating some other dependencies such as VLC, OpenH264 and MPG123 with latest stable if you were using my RPM's you will notice more updates as well. Since the RPM of the 1.6.15 release, I have published the sounds for en-ca-june, the Canadian English language. If you live in Canada and you have done English exams such as CELPIP, you will notice those little differences.

In addition, these RPM's have a patch that allows the console to filter by a regular expression. If you do VoIP debugging, you will understand right away what I am talking about.

Because libyuv is now part of the core, these RPMs are compiled with video support. Yes, you read it well, both Centos 6 and 7 with video support.

For those asking about FreeSWITCH changelog, this is the list published by them:

Improvements in the build system, cross-platform support, and packaging:

  • FS-10506 T38 not working in a mode t38_passthru
  • FS-10480 Crash when recording an audio only stream to a rtmp stream
  • FS-10473 Crash conference_cdr_del hangup race on conference cdr causing NULL event pointer dereference during
  • FS-10472 Crash due to hang up race in conference personal canvas mode
  • FS-10466 Add session to some log lines
  • FS-10458 temporarily silence ffmpeg 3.2 deprecated warnings
  • FS-10457 mod_cdr_csv file open does not open file allowing read/write for FreeSWITCH group
  • FS-10456 add wav support to mod_av as well as specifying audio_codec
  • FS-10454 Regression in video file seek
  • FS-10453 some messages are dequeued and dropped without being sent to connected node
  • FS-10451 update make uhd-moh-install & make uhd-sounds-install to install latest versions
  • FS-10448 Add Video Blind
  • FS-10447 Manual video refresh mode
  • FS-10444 Languages es, pt and sv missing macros and phrases tag on vanilla config
  • FS-10440 valgrind: event leak in mod_httapi.cFS-10439 valgrind: `full_ref_to` is leaked in sofia.c
  • FS-10433 Crash when video recording fails to setup properly
  • FS-10432 mod_callcenter: increase contact column to support bigger dial-string
  • FS-10431 malformed libsmpp headers cause build failure for mod_smpp with -pedantic
  • FS-10427 Update swig targets to use swig3.0FS-10417 Reduce flicker in screen sharing
  • FS-10409 Crash race condition playing files in conference causing rare crash
  • FS-10407 set some redirect channel variables in case of outbound_redirect_fatal=trueFS-10406 disable SSLv3 and tls v1.0 in mod_sofia secure websocket connections
  • FS-10405 Timer destroy error on one legged calls
  • FS-10394 Crash while linphone sends ICE packets
  • FS-10388 Crash on hang up when using multiple media bugs in switch_core_media_bug_remove_all_function
  • FS-10387 High memory usage with mod_sofia with DTX setting active
  • FS-10384 mod_lua: fix Makefile target
  • FS-10370 SDES-SRTP key/salt values truncated for AES_CM_256_HMAC_SHA1_80
  • FS-10356 Do not blindly print error string from rtp/stun packets
  • FS-10286 Sync member joins up with keyframes in shared encoder mode
  • FS-10249 Audio gradually falls behind video in recordings
  • FS-9894 mod_callcenter: timeout to call an agent hard coded to 60secFS-9785 Debian/testing now relies on OpenSSL 1.1.0

RPM's are available for Centos 6 and 7. And you can find it if you type yum search freeswitch.

As I said, there are more than 1800 working hours so far in order to make this possible.


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