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Rsyslog is the Syslog server I have chosen to use. I could get Syslog-ng, but while reviewing the configuration files and having a lot of experience using the vanilla Syslog, Rsyslog seems to be the best option and the faster to work with.

By default, Rsyslog will always do the reverse resolution. This could be a double knife weapon, while sometimes it is nice having it, it makes the process slow (because the DNS takes time) and the output could be more confusing. is harder to read than

I will describe how I manage to disable it.

If you google a little, you will find the -x option. You must know this option is deprecated.

# rsyslogd -n -x
rsyslogd: the -x command line option will go away soon.
Please use the global(net.enableDNS="off") configuration parameter instead.

There is another new option. Just add global(net.enableDNS="off") in your rsyslog.conf file (or any of its included files) and you are all set. Just restart the daemon.

Good luck!

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