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I have forgotten to make this public, but from some days ago the LibKS 1.3.0 RPM for CentOS 7 and 8 is available. LibKS is defined by FreeSWITCH as a cross-platform kitchen sink library. It is needed if you want to enable signalwire module.

Here the outstanding features of these RPMś:

  • PKG package has the right paths for CentOS. CentOS uses /usr/lib64 for 64-bits x86 architecture.

Unfortunately, CentOS 6 was not possible (I did spend around 6 hours trying to do it). The issue here is that libKS requires cMake 3.7+ in order to be compiled. CentOS 6 only has 3.6. I tried to backport cMake 3.12 and 3.14 from CentOS 7, but it seems that there is a bug somewhere that prevents the Makefile utility to be found (yes, I did export MAKE=/path/to/make as suggested in many forums). Anyway, I believe CentOS 6 will reach end-of-life soon this 2020.


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