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This is the second SNOM phone I have been using for more than a year. I can not tell I am a fan of it but at home, people like it very much. Again, as my previews review of the SNOM 870, I will not talk about technical specs. I will try to talk about some details you will not find by reading about it on the vendor website. This phone has been discontinued, but you can find it on eBay for about 125 USD with the base or 100 USD only the headset.

The model M9 is a wireless (aka cordless) IP Phone. The phone consists of a base that controls up to two headsets and nine SIP accounts. The signal reach of the base is good, I have tried in a three-level house without issues. This phone has a repeater mode, this means that if you have a really big house, you could put two bases and the headset will jump between them.

The headset is small. It has support for headphones (like the cell phone), but it uses a 2.5mm plug instead of the common 3.5 mm one. This plug is not very common, you will have some troubles finding the correct one. Speaking of the power, you will need a special base to load the headset, as it comes with a rechargeable battery. By the way, the battery works for about 24 hours before needing to recharge it again. The quality of the sound is fair enough, but if you use the speaker it is not as good as you expect. Sometimes the sound is not very clear. It is a phone that was designed to be handy, not for conferences. As any telephone, the headset is not designed for rough use, once one headset felt and the number 9 key stopped working.

About the software, it does not have as many options as the SNOM 870. Anyway, you can still configure an LDAP directory to pull data and push it to the address book, you can configure some URL's to send events based on phone events (like when pressing DND button) and you can configure the provisioning as well. So far, just another IP Phone.

This phone deals very well with unfriendly NAT's. Like any SNOM, it handles it very well.

If you have the budget, this phone can be an excellent choice for a home phone. Women love it.

Good luck!

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