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Today I have published in Mageia Cauldron (6) RPMs for C-iCAP Classify Modules 20151104. C-ICAP Classify is a module that allows classification (labelling) of web pages, images, (and soon video) based on content. Labels are placed in HTTP Headers. Any PIC-Label META tags are exported into HTTP headers. This allows for creation of very flexible filters according to rules defined by the user, using the ICAP enabled proxy's ACLs. This is NOT a URL filter, so implementing it with sslBump, or similar proxy technologies, makes it very difficult to bypass. The Text classification is done using Fast Hyperspace (based on Hyperspace from CRM114) and/or a Fast Naive Bayes. Image and video (when implemented) use haar feature detection from the OpenCV Library.

RPM's are available for Mageia Cauldron (6). You can install it if you type urpmi c-icap-modules-classify c-icap-modules-classify-training.


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