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Sofia is the most famous library to deal with SIP protocol. SIP Protocol is one of the most famous protocols used in VoIP for signalling and of course, used by FreeSWITCH. Since FreeSWITCH 1.10.4, sofia-lib is not shipped in the tarball, instead, it will use the system library.

The Sofia-SIP RPM for CentOS 7 and CentOS 8 is now available. Sofia SIP is an RFC-3261-compliant library for SIP user agents and other network elements.  The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is an application-layer control (signalling) protocol for creating, modifying, and terminating sessions with one or more participants. These sessions include Internet telephone calls, multimedia distribution, and multimedia conferences.

Unfortunately, CentOS 6 was not possible because it requires a newer version of the glib. I won't mess with that library since it is a core one. So, it is very likely that FreeSWITCH 1.10.4 for CentOS 6 won't see the light.


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