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Syncthing 0.13.4 RPMs for Mageia Cauldron (6) are now available since today. Syncthing is a complete synchronization, multi-platform solution to have same files in your devices. It is like a Peer-to-Peer.

Syncthing is an excellent option if you have at least one road warrior involved. Since there is no warranty of a public IP or even a static IP, Syncthing architecture allows clients to bypass NAT's and allow file exchange. The good thing of Syncthing is it is available not only on Linux and Windows but Android as well. You can have in sync important files in your mobile or tablet.

Syncthing 0.13.x is not compatible with 0.12.x. You must update all your devices. Backport for Mageia 5 is more difficult as it seems. I am not able to reproduce it in the build system. Mageia 5 has Golang 1.4 which it is not compatible with Syncthing 0.13.x.

As part of my commitment with Mageia, I will try to keep this package as updated as possible. The team from Syncthing are very responsive and they release new versions very often. At the time when writing this article, Mageia Cauldron 6 is in version freeze; this means we will need to wait a little until the big system administrators let the new RPM in.

RPM's are available for Mageia Cauldron (6), I will be working to backport to Mageia 5 as soon as possible. You can install it if you type urpmi syncthing.


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