Tunneling Server

You can get your own tunnelling server with either DNS or OpenVPN as you wish.

Server activation in less than 24 hrs (usually 2).

  • Select the closest city to you, it gives the best performance.
  • If you are opting in for the root access, you need to put your  OpenSSH public key. No password will be shared.
  • If you are opting out for the root access, you will get a way to add OpenVPN users or to change the shared key for the DNS tunnelling without root access.
  • Select an addressing space that doesn't clash with your current local network.
  • In the case of OpenVPN, by default TUN VPN will be delivered, if you need a TAP interface, please contact me first to discuss the deployment
  • You must provide a valid TLD domain and configure it correctly, otherwise, a subdomain from myself will be used
Duration: 1 month
Price: $20.00


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